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My Services


Face - To - Face Therapy

In my sessions, I work foremost to establish trust and safety and explore client needs. I specialise in releasing underlying trauma in the psyche and nervous system, enabling you to reconnect to your aliveness and their power in a healthy, balanced way. By bringing into the consciousness unhealthy subconscious patterns of thinking and emotions, they can be released. Clients are encouraged to do their own work outside of my sessions in the beginning stages, which is set by me. It is vital that clients understand that in order to get deep, healing change, it is important to be fully committed to turning up, doing the homework and throwing themselves into this work 100%.

I draw on range of different techniques which I choose to best suit a client’s needs. They include Associative Awareness Technique, Parts work or IFS (Internal Family Systems), The Richards Trauma Process and Somatic Experiencing, plus my traditional skills as a physiotherapist with a deep understanding of the body.

I believe that each client is unique, and I work with them to develop a customized approach that is tailored to their specific needs, timeframes and goals, with sessions usually occurring once to twice a week.


Online Therapy

Whilst it is not possible to use hands on techniques in telehealth, this is just a minor, and not vital, aspect of trauma and chronic pain therapy. There are now chronic pain services globally that just offer online therapy. Given what we now know about pain and trauma and the mind/body connection, education is a very important part of
the healing, coupled with appropriate psychotherapy techniques. I have found that many people with trauma and/or chronic pain who are not mobile enough, or confident enough, or close enough, to attend clinics, get the same outcomes from my therapy as those I see in person.

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