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TESTIMONIALS for Trauma Therapy

People around you don’t understand your life’s journey. They don’t need to. It’s not for them. It’s your journey... 

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." C.S. Lewis

In full disclosure, I would like to explain this page.  Prior to creating my website, I had not asked clients for testimonials. However, after getting so much wonderful feedback, I decided to publish some of them below. I want to make it clear that these testimonials relate only to my trauma therapy work, not my work as a physiotherapist.


Each of the responses below are 100% genuine from people that may be similar to you. I hope by sharing their personal stories that they will encourage you to take the step to transform your own. 

Thank you.  Carole Young.

"I cannot find words for the gratitude I feel.  After many many years of trauma, pain and suffering, years of counselling and various other therapies, with Carole’s help and guidance , after 3 sessions of TRTP and embodied processes, I finally feel free and at peace with myself mind, body and soul. The power of her work leaves me breathless. So incredibly grateful for this woman.”  Jane B

"My journey with Carole and TRTP started due to an ongoing fear around a twenty-year-old spinal injury. I couldn’t shake off the fear of it happening again – the fear of being incapacitated and not able to manage day-to-day life. I have spent the past 20 years playing small, constantly scanning for danger, plotting and planning to ensure I would be ‘safe’. Then Carole and TRTP were recommended to me by another psychologist.


I found the TRTP process to be gentle but surprisingly powerful. After the second session I felt strangely taller and as if I had more space in my chest to breathe. I do still have pain occasionally but I’m so much more resilient now. In short: I have stopped being afraid of the pain, and that has changed everything.


Carole was kind, compassionate and caring – I felt very safe working with her. She is clearly dedicated to the TRTP work and its capacity to relieve trauma and suffering, and a genuinely lovely person. I give thanks that our paths crossed."  Frances R

After suffering with being a stressed, at times terrified person, for as long as I can remember, then falling ill in my teens, which only made things worse, I’ve tried almost every therapy you can think of. From your classic psychologist to a Yogi from the Himalayas that didn’t speak any English and required a translator. Then about a year ago a family member stumbled across The Judith Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) and suggested I give it a go. After scrimping the money together over twelve months on a Disability pension I was ready to go to my closest practitioner. Then Covid-19 hit….


After some research, I decided that Carole would be a good fit, I nervously sent her an email expressing my very large issues with talking on the phone and video calls and the anxiety they gave me on top of many other anxiety issues. She assured me it wouldn’t be a problem as I only had to get through one call and then treatment would begin, so after some tense tears, I made the decision I wasn't going to let my anxiety rule my life. It was time to do the treatment.


I was amazed at how quickly I was seeing results after session one. I felt I had more self-confidence than I had ever felt and the changes just keep coming! This has been the most successful treatment I’ve ever done. I am now living stress free and I can call family and friends without a second thought. I have video appointments with doctors and don't bat an eyelid.


I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is ready for change to live life as their best self." Jay (24 years)

"Carole was amazing.  Don't get me wrong, I had to work at it and she made sure that I did.

No corners were left unturned, ever.  Carole's skills and her presence being in the moment, the here and now, were excellent. 

I spent 2018 seeing doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists and yet she was what I had been after for so long. Fate brought us together (via goggle).  Carole explored the trauma and all its issues, and she placed a trauma-informed practice into action, with astonishing results.  

I am smiling again and I have space and love to give and receive. I have life, I have spirit.  The old me is back.




My brain is rewired the way that it should be, and my body pain has vanished.


I am a qualified counsellor and I could not have done this tough therapy work without Carole's professionalism and her care.  Her care is genuine and she is amazing. For her long dedication and commitment, her ability to be flexible and be there when you need her.  Carole's check-ins when you least expected them were a major plus.  She really gets to the core of the trauma/s and deals with them one by one and bit by bit.


It was hard work, but it was well worth it.  Carole has amazing talent and I connected well with her.


Do not waste time and money.  See Carole, it is worth it.  Thank you also to the Richard's Trauma Process, I owe you so much."  Scott P.


"The thing that astounded me was how simple and easy yet so effective the process was. The results for me were instantaneous, I felt a world of possibilities opening up. Friends and colleagues even mentioned that I looked different. If you are looking to shift old habits and behaviours and move forward with positive intention then I cannot recommend this process highly enough.”  Ben


"The  trauma treatment (TRTP) has been amazing. So simple yet so effective I felt like I had stepped out of a fog, which I didn’t even know I was in.  A lifetime of  keeping the peace and pleasing everyone while pushing all my emotions down.  I finally feel free and I didn’t even realise I wasn’t. Amazing."  Josephine 

"After seeing results from friends who had done TRTP with Carole, I decided to try it for my anxieties, over reactivity, abandonment issues and my Panic Attacks from a car accident and IVF treatment.  I have over the years, tried different forms of trauma release, but nothing has really ever helped.  It is now over a week since my three sessions of TRTP with Carole and I can honestly say that the difference in myself is incredible. It is absolutely extraordinary that my responses are so different after just 3 sessions. I actually feel Peaceful in myself most of the time and my sense of Self-love which was almost non-existent, has improved so much.
My new saying is “I don’t React, I Respond”. Old triggers are still there I my life of course, but I don’t react to them.  I tend to have an obsessive nature, but now that isn’t true.  I listen, but don’t get involved and don’t feel the need to be involved.  There are just so many responses from me that have changed.  All I can say is ‘Why did I not done this earlier?’ But I am ever grateful to have had the opportunity to try this trauma method."
Janette S.  

"I have diligently “worked on myself” for many years. I am proactive with my own self-care. I have made a lot of progress and overcome much through various methods and yet still had some niggling issues that needed resolution.  After a routine visit with my doctor, something she said triggered tears and I began to talk about some of the hardships and traumatic experiences that I had during my earlier years. We discovered that I was suffering from PTSD. I was quite surprised as I had never considered myself a candidate for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but as we talked more I thought “of course that makes perfect sense”. 

I had some ensuing treatment that worked well and I felt satisfied with the results, however after several months by chance I heard about TRTP and I instinctively knew that I wanted to have this treatment. I found Carole Young and had sessions with her. It is the best thing I could have done as it unlocked the core issues and helped me reclaim confidence and empowerment. I feel now as though I truly have the ability to live life on my own terms unhindered by traumatic issues from the past.
Carole was the perfect facilitator for me, she is professional, kind and compassionate and it is easy to see how much she loves doing her chosen work. She provides a nurturing and safe environment in which to create the perfect conditions for change at the deepest level.

TRTP is amazing and I have recommended it to several of my friends and would encourage anyone that has experienced any kind of trauma to try it for themselves."  Connie H. (Author)

"As a trained kinesiologist and counsellor I have done a lot of 'work' on myself over the years. I've been aware of past events that have impacted my life, but struggled to release them. Working with Carole was one of the most gentle but powerful experiences I've had. I didn't have to relive the story but through TRTP I was able to integrate the past in a way that was empowering yet easy. I now have a confidence and centeredness that I didn't have before, and it's lasted! TRTP made real change for me where other modalities had failed."  Elvira Z.

“My GP recommended TRTP to manage severe anxiety that was affecting my work and life. I think you have to go into TRTP being prepared to work with your brain to get the best outcome. It was clear going through the process that my brain wanted to heal but it absolutely needed me to engage in the whole thing to help it happen. The TRTP had immediate effect on my debilitating anxiety and was incredibly empowering. My kids noticed the difference in what would previously have been a difficult situation for me over Christmas."  Kath W.

"I have previously worked with a number of therapeutic modalities to address past traumatic events, such as EMDR. TRTP is a very powerful and effective method and has been a very positive experience for me. After our first session, I experienced a profound feeling of lightness and of well-being. During our subsequent sessions, the previously distressing memories had lost their emotional charge I was able to revisit them free of the anxiety previously associated with the event. I found that the process of TRTP allowed me to visualise and explore past trauma with a new-found calmness and clarity allowing the past trauma to shift and to fall away. I am still noticing positive changes. I am happier and more productive - already achieving key work and life goals and I am interacting with others with joy and ease."  Bronwen J.

"Counselling, Psychiatrist and Psychologists are part of my story. What has been achieved in such a short time since TRTP, has not been achieved in over 20 years. The sense, ability and having no reliance on a professional to live life , especially through the challenging moments and events  is extremely liberating. " Fiona.  Read Fiona's full testimonial - fascinating. Here

"As a clinical physiotherapist who has studied deeply both eastern and western thinking and practices dealing with the physical, psycho and social aspects of pain and movement disorders, I became curious as to the direction taken in this area and so decided to become a subject myself so as to learn from direct experience.  I found myself in a meditative state after sourcing memories of troubled times. The visualization Carole uses is progressive and embeds a safe and balanced environment in which the self raises and answers questions and feelings that rise and resolve like a suspended chord. This is then practiced and the technique becomes self-empowering as the mind knows and trusts the process."  Helen W.

"I enjoyed the clarity of the process. I was able to revisit but not re-experience the pain and help myself to heal.    Since the sessions I have felt more positive, I feel stronger.  I have felt more at ease with myself and my daughter has responded to the changes in me positively.  I had hope and trusted in the experience.  I gave it my full effort and it had positive results.  I revisit it in my head and find it calms me.”  Deirdre O’H.

"My GP sent me to Carole for chronic pain where I could not move without constant and ever increasing pain in my neck and back, two damaged areas that have given me trouble for the past forty years.  Current stressful circumstances caused me to tighten my stress areas to beyond being able to cope with.  Carole used a gentle hands on approach called AAT as well to reset my body's responses to stress and as a result, clarity of thought around some of the past triggers became greater.  It was an easy process. I am able to turn my neck from side to side with greater ease and I am able to walk easier.  Carole's professionalism was reassuring and  I can recommend Carole's caring manner. My experience was truly rewarding and with my new attitude to self and life, I am finding myself in a new phase of creativity."  Susanne J.

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