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Scott's Testimonial 

Carole was amazing.  Don't get me wrong, I had to work at it and she made sure that I did.  No corners were left unturned, ever.  


Carole's skills and her presence being in the moment, the here and now, were excellent. 


I spent 2018 seeing doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists and yet she was what I had been after for so long. Fate brought us together (via Goggle).  Carole explored the trauma and all its issues, and she placed a trauma-informed practice into action, with astonishing results.  


I am smiling again and I have space and love to give and receive.


I feel complete and my love is overflowing.  I have life, I have spirit.  The old me is back.




I do not want to talk about our sessions as they are sacred and private, and because I do not want to re-visit my trauma - because it has gone.


My brain is rewired the way that it should be, and my body pain has vanished.


I am a qualified counsellor and I could not have done this tough therapy work without Carole's professionalism and her care.  Her care is genuine and she is amazing.  Carole should be nominated for Australian of the year.  For her long dedication and commitment, her ability to be flexible and be there when you need her.  Carole's check-ins when you least expected them was a major plus.  She really gets to the core of the trauma/s and deals with them one by one and bit by bit.


It was hard work, but it was well worth it.


Carole has amazing talent and I connected well with her.


Do not waste time and money.  See Carole, it is worth it.  The results are amazing.


Thank you also to the Richard's Trauma Process, I owe you so much.


Carole, you are a special person and I will never forget our work together.  Your skills are life-long ones, and you bring such quality to your work.




Scott (2021)

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