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Fiona's Testimonial – For those who it would help…

I was recommended to Carole for TRTP by my kinesiologist for ongoing emotional issues (years) that had manifested into intermittent illnesses and sensations of chest pains. I was sick and tired of being affected by other people’s behaviours and wanted to be able to live a life free from emotional illnesses and fear. I personally found the homework prior to the first session quite emotionally tiring and took a long time to complete it. Carole was so patient.


I decided to stay in the Blue Mountains for a week for the first two sessions of TRTP. After the first session I was simply physically and emotionally fatigued. It was truly wonderful to be able to relax, sleep and listen to the recording from Carole a few times each day until I returned to session 2 without the daily pressures of work and family. Carole had spent; much time in session 1 explaining session 2 that I felt prepared and not left wondering what happens in it.

Session two has a wonderful twist to it, so unexpected and yet life changing. After this session fatigue was still present but a sense of relief had come over me. As the next week or so passed prior to session 3, major changes had already occurred, certain behaviours at home had eased and, in some cases, ceased. My old reactions had gone and I was easily able to remove myself from unnecessary situations with such ease. New healthier relationships have been made much to my surprise. Knowing what I deserve and feel about myself is much clearer. My attitude to work and how it affects me has changed, I am more positive and less fatigued and stressed on a daily basis.


After the third session I felt like my whole body was walking on air. The energy within me flowed with more ease. The old illnesses, anxiety, worry, old unhelpful thoughts have dissipated. Each day there is a new revelation in how much TRTP has affected my life. Dealing with life on life’s terms is simply now less complicated and I face the bumps on the road with more ease. Finding balance in my life is now a day to day adjustment and easily achieved. My needs have become very important and easily met without negative consequences from those around me.


The strongest reaction I have had is seeing everyone for who they are. It’s like a veil has been lifted from my eyes and mind, people pleasing behaviour has ceased, honouring me and my needs has become so evident I don’t even have to think about it, it just happens. Those unhealthy relationships have naturally distanced themselves with no consequence, I had a huge fear of this and found simply nothing happens when I put me first.


If someone had told me that I would experience all the above and far more not mentioned, after having TRTP let alone in such a very short time, I would have never believed them.


Counselling, Psychiatrist and Psychologists are part of my story. What has been achieved in such a short time since TRTP, has not been achieved in over 20 years. The sense, ability and having no reliance on a professional to live life , especially through the challenging moments and events  is extremely liberating.


Having an open mind, trusting in Carole and the process is all that is needed. I watched all I could especially the videos on TRTP to become more familiar before I met Carole. Carole is so passionate and has a deep trust and respect in the TRTP process, I was left not wondering or worrying. Carole is clear and truly invested in your treatment. There is a simpler, more satisfying, peaceful way of living each day. You deserve a life filled with love and peace, balance and belonging. We are all worthy of this. TRTP is the path.


Sincerely yours, Fiona

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